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Snowshoe Class at the Harris Nature Center

At the Harris Nature Center, a group of people of all ages got together to learn about snow shoeing...[More]

Harris Nature Center Holds a Starlight Snowshoe

On Friday, January 29, Harris Nature Center held a Starlight Snowshoe. This was a self-guided snowsh...[More]

Skiing and Snowshoeing Offered at the Harris Nature Center

With the winter season still ahead, you might find yourself looking for activities to do in the snow...[More]

Harris Nature Center Moonlight Ski & Snowshoe Event

Harris Nature Center held its second Moonlight Ski & Snowshoe event of the year on Saturday, Feb. 10...[More]

Harris Nature Center Ski & Snowshoe Rentals

After other businesses began to drop the ball Harris Nature Center decided to pick up their slack. ...[More]

Ski and Snowshoe Rentals are Available at the Harris Nature Center!

During the winter many people find themselves shut away indoors. But there is so much potential for ...[More]

Ski and Snowshoe Rental at Harris Nature Center

The Harris Nature Center, here in Meridian Township is giving people a chance to stay active this wi...[More]

Harris Nature Center Offers Ski/Snowshoe Rental

The Harris Nature Center is once again offering ski and snowshoe rentals. The rates are $5.00/hou...[More]

Moonlight Ski & Snowshoe

Though there isn't very much snow now, once it starts to fall we all start to get tired of it. Find ...[More]

Moonlight Ski & Snowshoe

Although there wasn't enough snow for snowshoes, a few people were still out at the Harris Nature Ce...[More]

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