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Meridian Officials Release All Materials Relating to a Retail Fraud Arrest

Meridian Township officials held a virtual press conference today, April 23, to release all material...[More]

Michigan Attorney General Takes Action Against Voter Fraud and False Allegations

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has announced she is taking action to make sure elections in t...[More]

Avoiding Fraudulent Charities

The season of giving has arrived. Many charitable organizations have seasonal campaigns that encoura...[More]

Cyber Scam and Holiday Fraud Precautions

Holiday shopping and charitable donations are at your fingertips with the internet. But Michigan Sta...[More]

Michigan's Retailers Association Reveals Newest Mascot

The Michigan Retailers Association President and CEO, James P. Hallan recently made a trip to Playma...[More]

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Fraudulent Scamming

With the complexity of technologies only growing, the ability for fraudulent scammers to gain access...[More]

Michigan Hot-Bed for Auto Insurance Fraud

Michigan motorists are paying more for auto insurance every year--about 100 dollars more--thanks to ...[More]

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