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Former Leo's Lodge Being Replaced by Aspen Dental and Chipotle in Okemos

Construction of a site in Okemos will hold an Aspen Dental and Chipotle once it’s completed. The ...[More]

Okemos Masonic Lodge Celebrates 150th Anniversary

The Okemos Masonic Lodge celebrated 150 years of Okemos history on the 20th and 21st of September. T...[More]

Okemos Masonic Center Holds Bike for Books Drawing

The Okemos Masonic Center held a drawing on May 23rd to select this year's winners for their third a...[More]

Harris Nature Center Opens Beaver Lodge Playground

On Wednesday night, Harris Nature Center officially opened a new, and unique, play area with a ribbo...[More]

Lodges New Ownership

Find out what's new with the Lodges of East Lansing by watching Meridian Magazine. ...[More]

Lodges Phase II Moves Forward

Trees can help make the environment healthy but too many trees has caused a major problem for local ...[More]

Lodges Phase II

The week before the meeting, Trustee Veenstra gave notice to the clerk's office that he was going to...[More]

Lodges Phase II Update

Will the Lodge's have 153 new apartment units in the future? Meridian Magazine has the answer...[More]

Lodges of East Lansing Phase II

Check out what's in store for East Lansing and The Lodges of East Lansing coming up on Meridian Maga...[More]

Lodges of East Lansing

A new complex for students and residents is finally up and ready for move in! Watch Meridian Magazi...[More]

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