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General Fund Loans Transferred to Parks Fund in the Community

The Meridian Township Board held a virtual meeting on Tuesday, December 8th to discuss a short term ...[More]

Student Loans are Big and Boisterous

Although it's the dog days of summer, the school year is just over a month away. In some places lik...[More]

Student Loans & Tuition Hikes

There is a saying that you have to spend money to make money, this seems true especially to college ...[More]

Student Loans Hike

More money may be coming out of students pockets come this fall. On July 1st the rate for new subsid...[More]

EDC Microloans

Local organizations are promoting entrepreneurship in Meridian Township. Watch Meridian Magazine to ...[More]

State Representative Says Eliminate Student Loans

Democratic State Representative Hansen Clarke of Detroit has introduced House Resolution 365 to the ...[More]

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