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Electric Appliance Showcase Capitol Day

Directly outside of the Lansing Capitol Building, electrical companies and environmental groups coll...[More]

Consumers Energy New Electric Vehicle Program

Consumers Energy is helping to revamp the electric vehicle movement with its new program, PowerMIFle...[More]

Ride And Drive An Electric Car

On Thursday, September 13th The Michigan Agency for Energy hosted it's second "Ride & Drive" event w...[More]

Damaged Vehicles of Meridian Township

Traveling in Meridian Township has been a trying experience over the latter half of February. A...[More]

Local Church Will Save 3,000 Dollars A Year On Electric Bill

After three years of planning and collecting funds, Haslett Community Church will officially be addi...[More]

CarFit Helps Older Drivers Operate Vehicles Safely

A CarFit Program was held at the Meridian Senior Center on Tuesday June 14th. CarFit is a program th...[More]

Comsumers Electric Rates Drop

Consumers Electric is closing seven of its coal-fired energy plants. The closed plants, which are l...[More]

Bill Introduced This Past Summer Would Prohibit Smoking in Vehicles with Minors

A Michigan lawmaker proposed to protect kids from the smoking. State Rep. Sam Singh (D) for the 69th...[More]

Washing Vehicles with Responsibility

The popular image that tends to come to mind when people think of washing their vehicle seems to be ...[More]

Protecting Your Homes and Vehicles From Winter's Harsh Effects

Michigan winters can be brutal. Homes and vehicles need to be protected from the harsh weather condi...[More]

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