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Township Board Adopts Resolution in Support of Asian Community

The Meridian Township Board held a virtual meeting on March 31, where they passed a resolution in su...[More]

Asian Buffet Doors Reopen to Serve the Community

Asian Buffet is reopening its doors once again to serve the community with take out and delivery ser...[More]

Asian Buffet Continues to Donate to the Community

Asian Buffet donated 15 percent of their Dec. 10 gross income to the Meridian Cares program. The...[More]

'Meridian Pub' to Join 'Asian Buffet' in Meridian

Before Henry Kwok began his business at Asian Buffet, he worked in the corporate world, earning a Ba...[More]

Asian Express & Okemos Dairy Partnership

Asian Express and Okemos Dairy Store have partnered up to better serve the community....[More]

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