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Winter Activities Available In Meridian Township

As the last weeks of winter approach, multiple winter activities are still available in Meridian Tow...[More]

MHSAA Suspends Sporting Activities Per Emergency Order

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) has suspended its Fall tournaments for girls v...[More]

Meridian Historical Village Organizes Christmas Traditions and Activities

On Sunday, December 8th, the Meridian Historical Village held their annual Christmas in the Village ...[More]

Children Enjoy Arts and Activities, Time with Cats and Dogs

Some people travel out of town, or even out-of-state for spring break, but, for some local kids, the...[More]

Get Active!: Township Events and Activities

Warm weather is finally here, and there’s no shortage of ways to get active around Meridian Township...[More]

Get Active!: Senior Events and Activities

There are opportunities for people of all ages to get involved around Meridian Township. The Mer...[More]

Bookstores and Library Present Reading Month Activities

English author Neil Gaiman says, "a book is a dream that you hold in your hand." In March, you can h...[More]

Family Winter Sports Weekends; Meridian Township Encourages Outdoor Activities This Season

On beautiful clear weekends, many families chose to experience outdoor adventures. The Harris Na...[More]

Township Offering Activities for All-Seasons

In Michigan, the summer is only a few months of the year, and the rest of our year, is covered by th...[More]

Winter Activities Offered at Harris Nature Center

Despite the frigid temperatures, Harris Nature Center has plenty of winter of activities available f...[More]

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