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What is the Future of Wardcliff Elementary?

Nearly 100 "Reopen Wardcliff" signs are scattered all throughout a small, quaint neighborhood. Bu...[More]

Sale of Wardcliff Elementary

The Okemos School Board received an unsolicited offer for part of Wardcliff Elementary School at the...[More]

New Autism Center at Wardcliff Abilities Center Brings Life to Shut-Down Elementary School

Wardcliff Elementary School has re-opened as the Wardcliff Abilities Center. This facility might be ...[More]

New All Stars at the Old Wardcliff Elementary Building

There will now be new all stars at the old Wardcliff Elementary School. "We have issued a buildin...[More]

Closed Wardcliff Elementary Goes Unused

Since the closure of Wardcliff Elementary two years ago, neighborhood residents and the Okemos Schoo...[More]

Wardcliff Mansfield Neighborhood Break-ins

Residents in the Wardcliff and Mansfield neighborhood in East Lansing are keeping a closer eye on su...[More]

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