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New Neighborhood Development Plan in Meridian Township

The Meridian Township Environmental Commission held their virtual meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd...[More]

Restructuring Businesses and Neighborhoods in Meridian Township

At the September 23rd Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting, the biggest topic of discussion...[More]

Controlled Burn in Towar Gardens Neighborhood

On April 30th, the Ingham County Drain Commissioner's Office conducted a controlled burn of the rain...[More]

Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Petition for Water and Sanitary Sewer

After Meridian Township received two valid petitions, a new business item was brought forward to the...[More]

Silverstone Estates Presents Opportunity for New Neighborhood in Meridian Township

The Silverstone Estates, a 25.5-acre neighborhood by Mayberry Homes, has been approved by the Meridi...[More]

Neighborhood Watch in Connection with the Police Department

A neighborhood watch can be formal or informal with the Meridian Township Police Department. If ...[More]

Township To Strengthen Neighborhood Code Enforcement In 2015 Goals and Objectives

Protecting neighborhoods is a key function of local government, which is why the Meridian Township B...[More]

New Street Signs for Meridian's Only Heritage Neighborhood

Cedar Bend Heights recently received new signs for their designated Heritage Neighborhood and were i...[More]

Meridian Township Use Police Dogs to Protect Local Neighborhoods

It has been several centuries since the first known police dog appeared in history and the tradition...[More]

Wardcliff Mansfield Neighborhood Break-ins

Residents in the Wardcliff and Mansfield neighborhood in East Lansing are keeping a closer eye on su...[More]

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