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Northwind Drive Mixed Use Planned Unit Development Proposal

The Meridian Township Township Board, heard a proposal for the Mixed Use Planned Unit Development (M...[More]

Driver on Call Program Gives Senior Residents Independence

Driving late at night, or in uprepictbable weather conditions is a concern for many senior citizens....[More]

Drivers: The Cause of Dangerous Intersections in Ingham County

One of the most common places for traffic accidents to occur are in or near an intersection. Interse...[More]

Planning Commission Hears Request For New Shopping Center with Two Drive-Thru Windows

The Meridian Township Planning Commission heard updates regarding a special use permit for Stockwell...[More]

Motorcycle Accident on Park Drive

Brandon Cohn has been riding motorcycles for 9 years and over 30,000 miles. It was normal for Coh...[More]

Meridian Township Hosts Red Cross Blood Drive

Meridian Township recently hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive in the Town Hall Room. Griffin Grah...[More]

CarFit Helps Older Drivers Operate Vehicles Safely

A CarFit Program was held at the Meridian Senior Center on Tuesday June 14th. CarFit is a program th...[More]

Distracted Drivers Hit The Road Every Day, Even In Meridian Township

From texting and driving to even just using smart phones in general, it's very easy for drivers to l...[More]

Harris Nature Center Ski & Snowshoe Rentals

After other businesses began to drop the ball Harris Nature Center decided to pick up their slack. ...[More]

Sled Dogs, Snow Shoes, and a Toasty Fire

The Harris Nature Center hosted its annual Winter Wonderland, an outdoor event which offers a fun al...[More]

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