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Meridian Resident Lives Through Green Values With A Net Zero Energy Home

Todd Houser of Meridian Township began a unique project on Park Lake Rd. between Melville and Heathe...[More]

Haslett Community Church Prepares to Launch 60-panel Solar Powered Roof

After two years of planning, Haslett Community Church prepares to launch its 60-panel, 20-kilowatt r...[More]

Meridian Township Accepts the Consumer's Energy Tree Grant Award

Meridian Township received the Consumer's Energy Tree Grant. At the October 11 Planning Commission m...[More]

Presentation Given on how to Achieve a Net Zero Energy Home

A net zero energy home presentation was given in East Lansing at Michigan Energy Options on Thursday...[More]

Solar Panels in Meridian Township

Community Solar is a phenomenon that is happening all over the country right now, and the township s...[More]

A Brighter Agenda - Meridian Township Board Approves Solar Panels

At the March 15th Meridian Township Board meeting the Solar Panel Project that has been in the works...[More]

Consumers Energy Keeps the Heat on For Struggling Customers

Serving millions of customers and with a large presence in the state of Michigan, Consumers Energy r...[More]

Meridian Township Seeks Support for Solar Garden

Meridian Township and Consumer's Energy are hoping to collaborate on a new Solar Garden, which is t...[More]

Bill Under Discussion in Senate Committee would amend Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act

A bill under discussion in Senate Committee would amend the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Ac...[More]

Meridian Township Is One Of Consumers Energy's Top Choices For Solar Garden Installation

Consumers energy is launching a new project called “solar gardens”. There are three locations that w...[More]

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