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Shots Don't Fall for Haslett in State Finals; Sent Home, 49-41, by New Champ Detroit Country Day

In the semis, everything went Haslett's way. A night later against Detroit Country Day, the Bresli...[More]

Recent Newborn Abandonments Could Help Educate Public

After last week's discovery of a newborns body at a Roseville recycling center, residents and police...[More]

"Don't take from our kids to fix Michigan's roads" Petition Circulating in Response to Road Funding Plan

Michigan law makers are currently involved in a lame duck session. One of the biggest issues being ...[More]

Home Depot Donates 100 Smoke Detectors to Meridian Township Fire Department

The Meridian Township Fire Department Received a donation from The Home Depot's Okemos Store on Dece...[More]

Build People Up, Don't Break Them Down

Bullying has unfortunately become a widespread problem across the country for kids and adults alike....[More]

HOMTV to Donate Surplus of Equipment

HOMTV has a surplus of equipment and is hoping to donate it to another facility. The equipment ra...[More]

Pay or Don't Play?

High school sports are a staple of communities throughout the country. Many have fond memories of pl...[More]

Don't Be A Bystander

For Sandra Phillips, a typical day in her life involves getting up, getting her daughter ready for s...[More]

Don't Drink and Drive, It's Not Worth It

It is never safe to drink and drive. It's not worth ruining your own life or the life of someone els...[More]

Handicapped Parking: Don't Leave Shopping Carts In A Handicap Parking Space

Someone left a shopping cart in a handicap space. This could prove difficult for Jim to get out of h...[More]

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