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Youth Minimum Wage Bill Proposal in Michigan

The Michigan Minimum Wage Bill has always had limitations for young adults under age 18. Recently, S...[More]

New Bill to Increase Living Conditions in Mobile Home Parks

Townships in Michigan will have more authority to address ordinance violations in mobile home parks ...[More]

Governor Snyder Signs Religious Freedom Adoption Bill into Law

Governor Snyder signed an adoption bill into law that has generated a lot of controversy last week. ...[More]

Revenue Sharing Bill Passes Through House and Moves on to Governor Snyder's Desk

A bill that would ensure approximately $105,000 stays in Meridian Township passed through the house ...[More]

Destroying Traffic Signs May Result in $10,000 Fine Under Newly Introduced Bill

State representative Fred Durhal III and others introduced a traffic bill to the State Criminal Jus...[More]

A New Bill May Create More Opportunities for the State and Local Township's to be Reimbursed for Felonies

A new bill, SB191 has been passed to full Senate for consideration. It may make it possible for felo...[More]

Student Tax Credit Bill Hopes to Combat Michigan "Brain Drain"

While many Michigan State University students were taking advantage of the snow day last week, a few...[More]

New FOIA Bill in State of Michigan Changes Little to Township Policy

A recent bill was passed in the State of Michigan which outlines new requirements and laws for FOIA ...[More]

Updates to the Principal Residence Exemption Bill

The Principal Residence Exemption, also known as PRE, is a bill introduced to help individuals who m...[More]

Senate Passes New Bill Reducing Liabilities For Township

The Senate recently passed a bill, SB 753, reducing the liability of townships and other local gover...[More]

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