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Meridian Township Fire Department Receives Fire Prevention Grant

Meridian Township Fire Department received the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant from the Federal Eme...[More]

MSU Awarded $6.9 Million Grant to Enhance Pollinator Habitats

Some may refer to the job as super "sweet." "So with my job I get to travel all over Michigan...[More]

Meridian Township Accepts the Consumer's Energy Tree Grant Award

Meridian Township received the Consumer's Energy Tree Grant. At the October 11 Planning Commission m...[More]

Parks Commission Recommends Grant Applications for Harris Nature Center and Towner Road Park

The Park Commission approved two recommendations regarding grant applications to apply for this year...[More]

Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department Continues to Improve Local Parks With Nearly $1 Million Grant Fund

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board has granted the Meridian Township Parks and Recreati...[More]

Meridian Township Police Department Receives Grant to Update Their Live Scan Machine

Many years ago, police departments had to take people's fingersprints using an ink-to-paper method. ...[More]

Our Town Grant

During the Township Board meeting on September 20th, Peter Menser, Senior Planner for Meridian Towns...[More]

Planning Commission Grants Special Use Permit For Area In Floodplain

The Meridian Township Planning Commission met on June 13th. One of the items discussed was a Special...[More]

Township Board Approves Acceptance of Two Park Grants

At Tuesday's Township Board meeting, there were two grant applications up as action items. The fi...[More]

$50,000 Grant Awarded to Meridian Township for New Pavilion

Governor Rick Snyder approved nearly $28 million in outdoor recreation development and acquisition g...[More]

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