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Deer Culling Program Taking Place in Meridian Township to Combat CWD

After a deer was found in Meridian Township with Chronic Wasting Disease, the Meridian Township Pol...[More]

DNR Confirms Case of Chronic Wasting Disease found in Meridian Township Deer

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has confirmed that a deer found in Meridian Township te...[More]

2014 Most Harvested Year for Township Managed Deer Hunt Program

2014, along with the added months or January and February of 2015 was the most successful in Meridia...[More]

2014 Extended Deer Harvest Isn't Bringing In A Big Harvest

During the 2014 Meridian Township Deer Harvest, 150 deer were harvested making it the most successfu...[More]

Numbers are in for 2014 Managed Deer Harvest in Meridian

This year’s Meridian Township Managed Deer Harvest has been the most successful in the program’s fou...[More]

Meridian Township Deer Harvest Combating Deer Population Issue

This year Meridian Township ran the 4th annual Deer Harvest. The harvest aims at controlling the dee...[More]

Be Alert for Deer

Deer aren't always the harmless, innocent creatures you see walking through the park. While the road...[More]

Despite Efforts, Deer-Car Collisions Continue to Climb in Meridian Township

Last week the 4th Annual Deer Harvest began in Meridian Township. This harvest aims at controlling t...[More]

Meridian Township's Managed Deer Harvest Begins

The Deer Management Program is back for the 4th consecutive year in Meridian Township. The manag...[More]

Hunters Undergo Training for Meridian Township Managed Deer Harvest

In an effort to control the deer population, Meridian Township will hold a Managed Deer Harvest for ...[More]

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