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Greater Lansing Taxi Authority Incorporates New Members

The Greater Lansing Taxi Authority was formed in May, and has been plotting to regionalize standards...[More]

15 Credit Card Skimmer Devices Found in Michigan

If you're out getting gas this week, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's ...[More]

Credit Cards Now Adapting EMV Chip Technology

If you own a credit card, your financial institution may have issued you a new one, and that’s becau...[More]

Temporary Tax Payment Proves Positive for Tax Payers

Meridian Township Treasurer Julie Brixie is the driving force behind her team's idea for the tempora...[More]

Are You Eligible For Home Heating Credits?

The Michigan Public Service Commission doesn't want you to miss your chance to receive the Home Heat...[More]

Proposed Gas Tax Increase Up for Discussion in MI House of Representatives

Michigan roads may finally see some much-needed repairs, but it would come with an increased cost at...[More]

Options to Pay Your Tax Bills

Got your tax bill and not sure where to pay it? You have options to pay your bill: online, in pe...[More]

The Road Funding Ballot Proposal Would Increase Michigan's Sales Tax to 7%

The Managing Director of the Ingham County Road Department Bill Conklin delivered a presentation on ...[More]

Taxis vs. Uber, which will you choose?

The Greater Lansing Taxi Authority is proposing to incorporate local communities and township's to r...[More]

Increase in Sales Tax May Help Fund Schools

Governor Snyder's proposed increase in sales tax to help fix roads may benefit public schooling. ...[More]

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