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Search and Rescue Dogs Train in Central Park South

To the dogs it's just a game, but in reality it's a serious matter of life and death. These dogs are...[More]

Tree Rescue - Save The 166 Year-Old Sugar Maple

At the location of the former Central Fire Station, Station 91, stands a grand old sugar maple tree....[More]

Meridian Firefighters Go Beyond Search and Rescue

Firefighters in Meridian Township are going beyond search and rescue, they’ve now officially formed ...[More]

Michigan Search & Rescue Dog Training in Meridian Township

The Michigan Search and Rescue organization held a training session for multiple dogs and their hand...[More]

Meridian and Alaiedon Fire and Rescue Agreement

Meridian may help out a surrounding township with fire and rescue services...[More]

Rescued from Puppy Mill

Literally hundreds of dogs are hoarded and bred for a quick buck at a Western Michigan puppy mill. A...[More]

Angled Rescue Training

Meridian Township firefighters recently took part in an emergency rescue training exercise....[More]

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