Senior Living

On this episode of Senior Living, we speak with Gina Demott from American Home Fitness to learn abou... 4/1/2020

Community Connection

On this episode of Community Connection, we learn about a street artist who also works for the State... 4/1/2020

Meridian News Now

On this episode of Meridian News Now, Meridian Township is getting closer to hiring its new Economic... 2/28/2020

Throwback Thursday

On this episode of Throwback Thursday, we magically time travel back to 2008 and a program featuring... 12/20/2019

HOM Entertainment

On this episode of HOM Entertainment, HOMTV's Brandie Yates and Deborah Guthrie discuss the upcoming... 12/13/2019

Coffee Break

On this episode of Coffee Break, HOMTV's Brandie Yates speaks with Meridian Township's Human Service... 10/22/2019


On this episode of Reflections, host Jane Rose speaks with author and historian Heidi Madsen about t... 10/1/2019

Beyond The Badge

On this episode of Beyond the Badge, the Meridian Township Fire Department demonstrates their newest... 9/19/2019

Meridian News Now: Special Report

On this episode of Special Report, we take a look at what voters need to know about the August 6th S... 7/30/2019

Open Line

Funding for K-12 education is a perennially hot topic in Michigan and the present is no exception. R... 7/12/2019

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