Coffee Break

On this episode of Coffee Break, HOMTV's Mikayla Temple speaks with Lansing 5:01 Founder and Executi... 7/23/2019

Throwback Thursday

On this episode of Throwback Thursday, we check out a 1995 episode of Reflections where host Virgini... 7/18/2019

Open Line

Funding for K-12 education is a perennially hot topic in Michigan and the present is no exception. R... 7/12/2019


On this episode of Reflections, host Jane Rose visits with two of Haslett's pillars of the community... 7/2/2019

Senior Living

On this episode of Senior Living, we speak to the Meridian Garden Club and Haslett Beautification As... 7/2/2019

Inside Okemos Athletics

On this episode of Inside Okemos Athletics, host and Okemos High School Athletic Director Ira Childr... 6/1/2019

Meridian Up Close

Natalie Hool's son died when he was 6 years old in 2005 of an affliction he was born with. Natalie a... 5/23/2019

HOM Entertainment

On this episode of HOM Entertainment, HOMTV's Deborah Guthrie and Brandie Yates review Wharton Cente... 5/15/2019

Meridian News Now: Special Report

Technology is nearly everywhere - schools, restaurants, urgent cares - but how is it impacting you a... 5/15/2019

Who`s Who

On this episode of Who's Who, HOMTV's Sharon Davis is joined by Melina Brann, the new Executive Dire... 5/2/2019

Beyond The Badge

On this episode of Beyond the Badge, we take a look at what local agencies are doing to combat the o... 3/29/2019

All Access Sports

On this episode of All Access Sports, teams face off for more than just a win, but to raise awarenes... 2/20/2019

Meridian News Now

Watch a new episode of Meridian News Now Monday-Friday LIVE at 1:30pm on Comcast Channel 21, www.hom... 11/15/2018

Community Connection

On this episode of Community Connection, we visit a Chocolatier Konnie Zsigo to hear what inspires h... 9/28/2018

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