Meridian Township Goal Includes More Emergency Siren Systems

Meridian Township Goal Includes More Emergency Siren Systems

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - One of the goals for Meridian Township in 2018 is to add more emergency sirens. There are currently six emergency sirens in Meridian Township with a seventh one coming in April to Wonch Park.

"Weather can change quickly and we think that if the warning sirens can alert the changing weather conditions appropriately, it would be better for the safety of our residents," said former Chief Fred Cowper.

The majority of the sirens tend to be located in populated areas where a lot of people are.

"One of the areas where we do have a siren where there isn't a lot of homes is in the Harris Nature Center, because there are a lot of people outside, especially children," said Cowper.

Harris Nature Center also has PA system, so if a child was to ever go missing, the Director can get on the speaker and announce it to the public.

Another Meridian Township Goal is to get the fire insurance rating from a 4 to a 3. The lower the number, the more people will save on insurance. Less than 18% of the fire departments in Michigan are a 3, but Meridian hopes to be one.

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