Okemos ACE Hardware Owner Gives a Final Thank You After 45 Years

Okemos ACE Hardware Owner Gives a Final Thank You After 45 Years

DOWNTOWN OKEMOS - For Jim Raynak, the owner of ACE Hardware in Okemos it's time for a goodbye. He's closing his doors with a final sale, fond memories to cherish and a final thank you to the customers he's served along the way.

"We have a lot of great memories here. I have a lot of customers, people that have been here longer than me, and they traded with this store for over forty-two years since I've been here and I just want to thank everyone in the township for letting me have the opportunity to serve them," said Raynak.

What started as sensible career move turned into a staple for a community. "Well at that time I was young and married and I was doing iron work, working way up in the air and I decided to get something that was closer to the ground," Raynak said when reflecting on the reason he got into the business.

But why did he chose to buy his shop forty-five years ago in downtown Okemos? "Well it was the center of town you know everyone back when was thriving; people used to come down here and lots of people."

Raynak has chosen to close the store and enjoy retirement. ACE Hardware in Okemos will have a Retirement Sale until November 1st.

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