Phase 2 of Capital Area Humane Society

Phase 2 of Capital Area Humane Society

LANSING - The big announcement, of an animal finding placement in a forever home, is heard throughout the building. Bringing joy, and a bit of peace and satisfaction.

"I'm always amazed at how many good people in our community take those animals in, and just make their life beautiful for whatever length that is," said President/CEO of the Capital Area Humane Society Lansing, Julia Willson.

For the Capital Area Humane Society, the mission is simple: To promote the humane treatment of companion animals through protection, placement, education, and example.

"It's tough for animals to come to shelters, so we understand that. Part of our focus is not only getting them home but to make sure while they're here they are comfortable and happy, so that they have the best chance of success," explained Wilson

With a 97% success rate of animals finding homes, the Capital Area Humane Society is upgrading and renovating to make that number even higher.

"We're number one. We treat the animals the best as far as medical attention from the veterinarian and nurse staff. We have some awesome volunteers that put in a lot of hours," said 4-year volunteer Dewayne Miller.

Not too long ago those hours included helping with phase one, where new cat homes were installed, a newly renovated lobby, rodent/ small pet center and more.

With phase one completed, it's time for phase two. Which focuses on creating new homes for new hope, for dogs, kittens, and puppies.

Before phase two can begin, the initial financial estimates will cost about $1.94 million, and the Capital Area Humane Society hopes to fund raise their paws off to make it happen.

For anyone looking to adopt, new puppy parents, Ed and Joe have a little word of advice.

"Don't wait around, just do it. You'll love it, " said Joe.

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