2017 Draft of the Meridian Township Master Plan

2017 Draft of the Meridian Township Master Plan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The joint meeting between the Township Board and Planning Commission Monday, July 24th regarding the 2017 draft of the Meridian Township Master Plan left several unanswered questions.

Last night's goal was to discuss the content of the plan before scheduling a public hearing.

The Planning Commission addressed their concerns to adopt a master plan as soon as possible in order to receive grant money and set the frameworks for the Township's future.

The Planning Commission hopes to bring into fruition more housing options and more green spaces and finished streets to the community.

"It's critical to have the master plan because it influences where growth will occur, and where redevelopment and renewal will occur. And it also addresses the decline in certain areas in the Township," said Meridian Township's Director of Community Planning and Development Mark Kieselbach.

Three community members addressed their concerns to the Board and Commission.

"There are so many opportunities here in Okemos and we can't be so heavily influenced by developers," said community member Lucy Maillette. “We can not lose the soul of this community.”


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