Possession of Switchblades No Longer A Misdemeanor

Possession of Switchblades No Longer A Misdemeanor

LANSING - Last Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill to eliminate misdemeanors for selling or possessing switchblades.

Meridian Township Police Captain Greg Frenger says these knives can have different purposes.

"You see somebody carrying one of those knives throughout the course of the weekday while they are working," Frenger said. "That is certainly not anything we want to be involved in enforcing. But when it comes to an event late at night the same object carried in a threatening manner can be charged with a crime."

This law is about knives that are assisted with a spring but, there has been no change to double-edged knives that are meant for harm.

The bill repealed had been in place for 60 years.


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