Meridian's 2nd Community Mural Project Underway

Meridian's 2nd Community Mural Project Underway

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township residents worked together to paint the second Community Mural for an area park at this year's Celebrate Meridian event.

Hundreds of people including small children joined in on the fun by adding a myriad of colors with a stroke of brush. The paint graced a 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide board that was separated in 5 panels.

Kelly Boyle says that she came up with the idea to do a community mural after driving around town seeing walls lacking color and lacking drab. Thus her idea for a community mural was born.

Boyle first contacted Meridian Township three years ago pitching her idea. In 2016 at the Celebrate Meridian celebration the first mural for the community was created. (shown in picture)

Each mural will convey a different story and have it's own location. The first mural is located at Wonch Park in Okemos. This year's mural will be located at Hillbrook Park in Haslett.

"I love knowing that every day, people are walking, or biking, or driving past the mural and thinking, "I'm a part of that. Look what we did together!," says Boyle.

There a few more things that need to be completed on the mural. The mural team will do touch up's and add more color to the mural.

There is no exact date for the mural to be put up, although Boyle projects for it to be sometime in August.

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