Giving Back to Earth One Scrap at a Time

Giving Back to Earth One Scrap at a Time

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Businesses all over Meridian Township are making efforts to be more green. Mert's Speciality Meats does so with their food scraps.

Scrapes to Soil is a program that allows businesses like Mert's Speciality Meats to collect their meat scraps to later be composted.

One of Mert's Speciality Meats owners Shirley Decker Prescott said composting has saved on the amount of trash pick-ups. "It has saved us a lot of room in our regular dumpster and so we have been able to limit the amount of times that we have to have that picked up a month," Decker Prescott said.

Program Coordinator Natalie Mulnar said the scraps are composted into a high-value manure that goes right back into the environment.

Food composting means less trash which in the end means less energy that needs to be produced for the Township.

"We spend about a hundred thousand dollars a year and on energy in this township so every BTU or kilowatt that you can save reduces the amount of power we have to generate," Meridian Township Recycling and Energy Coordinator LeRoy Harvey said.

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