Meridian Apartments: An international Perspective

Meridian Apartments: An international Perspective

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Trying to find a home away from home, has it's challenges but for one Michigan State University legacy. Home was found right in Meridian Township at Central Park Apartments

"My father went to MSU, my cousin went to MSU, my brother went to MSU, so it's kind of the families university."

Meet Reem Asian, an MSU international student from Saudi Arabia who has traveled long and far to set up roots right here in Meridian Township.

"I live in Okemos because the apartments here are affordable."

Located in the center of the Township, on the corner of Marsh Road, and Fifth Avenue, sits Central Park Apartments.

With rent ranging from around $800- $12000, it tends to stand out to many people, including international families and students much like Reem and her family.

"I came here because my cousin, she use to live in the same apartment, so I stayed with her, and once she graduated, I kept living in the same apartment," explained Reem.

Though the cost of living, and population may have increased thought out the years, so has the townships diversity. According to the United States Cenus bereau, 16.4% of Okemos population is foreign born, while Haslett is 10.9%.

The people i see outside are from different cultures. I don't see much Americans, What I see is Indians, Koreans, Japanese, and a few Arabs

While the love of the diverse community is a bonus for Reem, some others are the mobiltiy, comfort, and even safety.

"Living in Okemos, is safer than living in East Lansing," said Reem when asked about living in the surrounding areas. Reem does plan to continue staying in Meridian Township until she completes her degree at Michigan State University.


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