Small Businesses Bring Unique Feel to Meridian Township

Small Businesses Bring Unique Feel to Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Chains like Costco and Chick-fil-A may be coming to Meridian Township, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some unique small businesses.

Blondie's Barn in Haslett opened eleven years ago and serves unique specialties like pumpkin bread on its breakfast and lunch menu.

Bottoms Up in Okemos, which has been open for thirty-two years transformed from a lingerie and exercise clothing store to one that provides dance wear for all age groups.

“Ages range from pre-schoolers that are just starting to dance to semi-professional dancers but we have ice skaters and gymnasts and ladies that are going to exercise class so it’s kind of a wide-range of people that we help.", said Sherry Fisher, the owner of Bottoms Up.

Blondie's Barn has a family atmosphere and was started to allow a mom to work and have time with her children.

“I started it when my children were still in school so the theory of having a seven to two business was so that this mom could go to the basketball games and the football games and spend her evenings at home," said Dawn Manuel, the owner of Blondie's Barn.

Both business owners enjoy the opportunity to have a presence in the community and to give back.

Every Thanksgiving Blondie's Barn provides a free Thanksgiving for the community.


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