An Easier Way to Keep Track of Local Crime

An Easier Way to Keep Track of Local 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township Police Department has a new way for residents to keep track of local crime.

According to Ken Plaga, Meridian Township Assistant Chief of Police, through residents can see what types of crimes have occurred, where they happened and it even includes the incident number.

On the map, icons will pop up that represent the different crimes that have happened.

This new tool can be accessed through the Meridian Township website, under the police department section, or it can also be found on the Meridian Township Police blog.

The site is very easy to use and although it will not give an exact address of the crime, it will give you within a 100 yard block of it.

When labeling the crime, it is also more broad. If a larceny takes place, it will be listed as simply a larceny, not what type of larceny took place.

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