27th Annual Mankowski Holiday Party An Annual Success

27th Annual Mankowski Holiday Party An Annual Success

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Saturday Dec. 17 Gaylord Mankowski hosted his 27th annual Mankowski Holiday Party.

A party that was once started by his father has now become a tradition for the Okemos and Haslett communities for the past 27 years.

“It was a need that we had in the Township, and instead of complaining about it my dad said ‘Let’s do something about it’,” said Gayelord Mankowski.

And they have.

What has grown more successful as each holiday season passes, underprivileged youth in the community get the opportunity to experience the giving season.

An afternoon of gifts, food, and a visit from Santa couldn't be more of a success. This past year the party raised almost 13,000 dollars not even through sponsors, just business people putting their heads together and gaining donations.

“It’s not about me. This year was one of the biggest ones we’ve had. We had 140 plus kids on a very snowy day. It is about the kids, we try and do more and more every year. We don't ask average people people to be phenomenal people just are phenomenal. Were blessed with a lot of giving people in this area, ” he said.

Those phenomenal people reassured that the kids who attended the party would take home much more than gifts that day.

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