Spring Springs Up Pollen Allergies

Spring Springs Up Pollen Allergies

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The predictions for this pollen season are in and according to www.pollen.com, the pollen count is going to be high this year in Michigan.

If you suffer from any type of pollen allergy it is important to keep mind that these forecast are only a prediction.

Dr. Manoj Mohan from the Okemos Allergy Center says only time will tell if pollen will really be bad this year. Dr. Mohan also said looking at past history things are getting worse as far as pollen, but currently their are only theories as to why that is.

The fundamental symptoms of allergy include; sneezing, itching, running nose, itchy watery eyes, and congestion.

If you're feeling the effects of pollen allergies, Dr. Mohan offers a few suggestions, "Maybe this about using over the counter allergy medications, that may help take the edge off. They're some safe over the counter antihistamines. Saline solutions can help wash pollen out, help keep things ope and clean. Definitely going inside and taking a shower and changing clothing may help reduce your pollen exposure. Going inside really and turing on the air conditioner will be your best way to filter out the pollen."

If you're looking for further evaluation, then making an appointment to see your local allergist is another option. Pollen season starts in the early spring and runs through late fall.

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