It's Time For Young Drivers To Get Stopped

The Michigan Sheriff Association is happy to introduce a program where parents can feel safe while their child is out on the road. The program, Sheriff's Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated... [More]

LIVE Call-In Program: No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform

Join us for a new episode of Open Line all about Michigan's No-Fault Auto Insurance Law as well as the price of auto insurance across the state. LIVE Thursday, August 10th 7:00 – 8:00 pm Open Lin... [More]

Update: Concealed Pistol Bills

The Michigan House of Representatives passed bills that would allow concealed pistol carry without a license. The bills passed the house 59 to 49. Michigan is an open-carry state, which means gun ... [More]

Possession of Switchblades No Longer A Misdemeanor

Last Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill to eliminate misdemeanors for selling or possessing switchblades. Meridian Township Police Captain Greg Frenger says these knives can have differe... [More]

MSU Awarded $6.9 Million Grant to Enhance Pollinator Habitats

Some may refer to the job as super "sweet." "So with my job I get to travel all over Michigan and look for wild bees," said MSU Entomologist Postdoctoral Research Associate Kelsey Graham. "And ... [More]

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