New Legislation Looks to Increase Renewable Energy to 50 Percent by 2035

State senators and representatives met on Thursday, June 15 to discuss a new legislation for the state of Michigan. The bills introduced will give Michigan an opportunity to be a leader in clean, rene... [More]

Local Detectives Receive Hands on Homicide Training in Lansing

Michigan State Police and Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice Hosted a yearly homicide training for new detectives and investigators. The week-long session consist of 30 students ... [More]

House Bill Could Prohibit Cellphone Use While Driving

A House bill could be passed that would prohibit all cellphone use while driving. Meridian Township Police Sergeant Scott Dawson said if the bill is passed, a warning period would begin the enforc... [More]

Greater Lansing Host 10th Annual Ride of Silence

The Greater Lansing Area hosted their 10th annual Ride of Silence event on Wednesday night. This year 250 cyclist participated in the ride from Michigan State University all the way to State Capitol.... [More]

New Bills Could Limit Local Control Over Short-Term Rentals

Legislation to allow short-term rentals in all residential zones was introduced in both the House and Senate in April of this year. House Bill 4503 and Senate Bill 329 mirror each other in language, g... [More]

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