Marijuana Now Legal

Marijuana Now Legal

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Marijuana legalization has officially gone into effect today in Michigan.

Proposition 1 which passed on November 6th has been put into effect.

Though the exact timeline to being able to purchase recreational marijuana is still unclear and may be unavailable till 2020, marijuana advocates are rejoicing that change is under way.

Marijuana prohibition ending doesn't mean that there aren't still laws attached to the use of marijuana.

Lieutenant Rick Grillo from the Meridian Township Police Department sat down with HOMTV to go over some marijuana laws.

"Just understand that's it's legal to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana if your over the age of 21," Lt. Rick first says.

That is the broad beginning of the 180° Michigan has made on marijuana laws when it passed Prop. 1.

At home an individual can have up to 10 ounces of flower in a secured container like a safe and no more than 15 grams of marijuana concentrate at any time.

Using marijuana outside of your private property is still illegal too.

"Its still illegal to drive while intoxicated and that includes under the influence of marijuana and you're not going to be able to use marijuana in a public place."

A front porch is considered a public area by many local governments so don't expect to smoke a joint and play a yard game out front.

Inside a home, a back yard, or area away from and not by the street would be the best places to smoke marijuana.

If smoking is too obtrusive for neighbors marijuana edible products are much more private and don't leave a lingering smell.

Getting the votes was the biggest hurdle for legalization and now the pressure is on the state to get organized in time for the next deadline.

Michigan has until December of 2019 to create the black and white regulations for the recreational marijuana market then they can begin taking applications for licenses.

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