Township Hosts Leadership Appreciation Night

Township Hosts Leadership Appreciation Night

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township leaders met Tuesday evening to celebrate the hard work and dedication that volunteers put forth this past year.

The event was the 4th Annual Appreciation Night and was held at the Meridian Sun Golf Club.

Ron Styka, Township Supervisor, and LuAnn Maisner, Director of Parks and Recreation, presented the two awards.

Leadership Award Recipients were David Ledebuhr and the Meridian Garden Club.

David was recognized for his effort helping to move the Meridian Farmers' Market from it's current location to it's future site at the Meridian Mall.

The Meridian Garden Club was awarded for their efforts to beautify the Township. They planted and maintained gardens at the Township building and even made a special color coordinated gardens. A pink garden for breast cancer awareness and a blue themed garden for veterans.

Supervisor Styka was especially enthused to be recognizing the volunteers.

"We're actually honoring all of the volunteers that serve on our boards and commissions and without them the government couldn't run. Yeah we have elected officials, we have paid staff, but we have lots of boards and commissions whether it's Planning Commission, Zoning Boards, or park related people, environmental people...we really rely on them to do a lot of the work for the Township."

Also recognized at the event was Township Treasurer Julie Brixie for her 20 years of service with the Township as she may be leaving after the November elections if elected as State Representative for the 69th District.

Treasurer Brixie was quick to deflect praise back to the volunteers however saying, "in Meridian Township we have a fantastic team. Really it's because of all of you guys, not because of me, not because of any one of us, it's all of us together, working together."

Faces bore smiles as those who serve Meridian Township left eager to continue working towards their goals.

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