Okemos Chieftains vs. Lansing Everett Vikings Varsity Football Recap

Okemos Chieftains vs. Lansing Everett Vikings Varsity Football Recap

LANSING - On Friday, September 14, 2018, on the road the Okemos Boys Varsity Football team faced the Lansing Everett Vikings.

Majority of the 1st quarter the Okemos defense kept the vikings in redzone territory. With a turn over on downs the ball was given to the Chieftains. Okemos was first on the board with a 7-0 lead after the field goal was determined good.

By halftime the Okemos Chieftains lead the Everett Vikings 3-0 due to major stops on the defensive side of the ball.

Coming out of halftime the Everett Vikings received the ball kicked off by number 11 Junior, John Luca Migaldi. #6 for Everett, Patrick Ellis, was the ball carrier and ran it back to the 35 yard line.

Chieftains defense held the Vikings offense to another turnover on downs. There were major stops on the defensive side of the ball, one coming from Defensive Back #23 Senior, Derek Sims in the later part of the 3rd quarter.

The Everett Vikings punted the ball on 4th down, it was received by #1, Sophomore Running Back, Connor Richardson for a gain of five yards.

There would be more large yard gains made by other Okemos players, such as #24 Brook Robinson and #35 Chase Conrad, who’s catch brought the Chieftains to the 3 yard line and in the next play, running it in for a touchdown.

Okemos held the lead over the Vikings going into the 4th quarter. Score 19-0.
At the two minute mark of the 3rd quarter the Everett Vikings QB #4 Ja’lone Payne stepped out of the pocket to prepare to pass but was then sacked by #77 Defensive Linemen Chris Hutsell and #55 Defensive Lineman Sean Crowley. Another turnover on downs from the Chieftain Defense.

In the end of the 4th Quarter, with 3:48 left on the game clock, Everett Vikings finally make it onto the board off an interception pass picked by #6 Defensive Back Patrick Ellis who ran it in 20 yards to get the 6 points for Everett. The kick by Thomas Keck #99 was called good bringing the score to Okemos Chieftains 28-Everett Vikings 8.

Okemos Chieftains closed out the game by taking a knee with 26 seconds left on the board. Final score put Okemos on top with 28 and Lansing Everett 8.

Next Friday, September 20, 2018, the Chieftains take on the Grand Ledge Comets in their first home game of the season kickoff is at 7P.

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