On the Campaign Trail: Julie Brixie 69th State Rep. Candidate (D)

On the Campaign Trail: Julie Brixie 69th State Rep. Candidate (D)

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Julie Brixie, Democratic Candidate for the 69th District State Representative, has been hard at work on the campaign trail for over a year.

From going door to door to meet with people one on one, along with sending out direct mail, holding meet and greets and reaching out to people on social media and television, Julie Brixie has been constantly on the go.

Along with all of the hard work that's been put in day after day, Brixie has enjoyed getting to know and connect with the people she hopes to serve in the near future.

"Door to door is absolutely my favorite part about campaigning," Brixie explains. "I am a public servant, I love people, I'm serving the people and the door to door campaign is an opportunity to connect with the people that you are serving or are going to serve on a really personal level."

As election day nears, Brixie is thankful for all of the volunteers that have worked for her on this campaign and she's hopeful that the residents in the 69th district see how passionate she is about her platforms.

"Every campaign really relies on a lot of people to get the job done and there have been so many incredible volunteers that I have met and that have been working for me on this campaign that believe in me," Brixie says.

Election day is Tuesday, August 7th. If you are interested in learning more about Julie Brixie, you can visit her website at www.juliebrixie.com.

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