Environmental Commission Looks at Sustainable Lawn Care

Environmental Commission Looks at Sustainable Lawn Care

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On June 6, the Meridian Township Environmental Commission discussed ecological landscaping of lawns at their regular meeting.

Commissioner Susan Masten led the discussion saying that the current height limit for lawns, which refers to 8 inches, is unnatural and environmentally irresponsible.

"With the height limit, people need to mow and water lawns more frequently, which is actually not environmentally friendly," said Masten.

Mowing and watering lawns too often would influence wildlife conservation and groundwater quality. 

To make lawn maintenance more sustainable, Masten added, "we should think about what can we do in terms of ultimate uses for that space (lawn) that would promote wildlife, birds, insects, bees and butterflies."

To improve ecological landscaping, the Environmental Commission might look at proposing a change to the Township's Code of Ordinances for grass height.

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