Haslett Robotics Club Open House

Haslett Robotics Club Open House

HASLETT - On Thursday, May 3rd, the Haslett Robotics Club held their annual Open House. 

Steve Sneed, President of the Haslett Robotics Club, stated that the purpose of the event was to "try and recognize our teams successes, and maybe talk about some of the challenges from the previous season. And we also try and recruit new kids, and new coaches for the upcoming season. So each year we have, if you look around the room, we have different tables, different levels of teams represented. Something new this year, we're actually taking on kids who are seven and eight years old. So we're extending our age limit down by two years." 

One of the Robotics Club's main goals is to open children's minds to scientific thinking, and prepare them for an ever changing technological world. "We recruit everybody. Anybody that comes in, not just Haslett kids but from Meridian Township. But we really try and bring in girls and young women as one of our initiatives. As of last year we ended up with four of our nineteen teams were all female, and a good majority of the other teams have at least one female one them, so we have a pretty good mix there."

Anyone interested in joining the Robotics Club can contact the club president directly through email at haslettrobotics@gmail.com. Or on their Facebook page.

For those looking for more information about the club, they can visit their website at www.haslettrobotics.com

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