Meridian's Water Distribution System

Meridian's Water Distribution System

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Have you ever wondered where your household's water comes from? Or how safe it is to drink? Derek Perry, Meridian Township's Assistant Township Manager and Director of Public Works & Engineering, gave us some information on the life cycle of Meridian's water supply.

"Meridian is responsible for the distribution system here in the Township. But in conjunction with the city of East Lansing we actually have a water treatment plant. It's called the East Lansing-Meridian Water Sewer Authority, and essentially they have 30 wells throughout our community and East Lansing that they draw the raw water from the underground aquifer, and then they transport that water to the water treatment plant. They treat it and soften it. And then they send it out into the township's and the city's distribution system. And that's kind of where we take over then as the Township ourself."

With the Flint water crisis still continuing since 2014, residents may be concerned about the quality of their drinking water, but Perry assures residents that "The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the federal level and the state of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, they have limits and set laws and regulations on what the water quality needs to be in the community, and basically we have to meet those standards. And we do meet those standards. And each year we publish a water quality report that says 'ok, this how we tested and this is what we found, and this is why your water is safe.'"

The Township will be extending it's main water line near Grand River and Van Atta Roads this year so that even more members of the community will have access to safe, clean water. 

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