New Solar Project Coming to Meridian

New Solar Project Coming to Meridian

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Solar energy is on the rise in the Township with a new project presented by the Meridian Energy Team.

It's called 'Solarize Meridian.'

The projects aim is to influence residents, businesses and churches to purchase solar panels for their buildings.

"Solarize Meridian is an effort to help residents get panels like this on their home," said Meridian Township Recycling and Energy Coordinator, LeRoy Harvey.

There are many perks that come with solar panels.

"That could potentially knock off 20 to 30 percent of your electricity," he said.

Harvey said that there is also a 30 percent federal tax credit that people are still eligible for.

For example, say you buy a $12,000 solar panel system, you would end up paying $8,400 after the tax credit.

John Sarver, a resident of Okemos who has an integrated solar system on his roof, has had the system since 2010.

"It provides about 20% of my electricity," he said.

Okemos resident, Todd Houser, also has a solar panel system, but at a larger scale.

He has 36 panels in his backyard.

"I produce enough energy from my solar panels to offset all of the power that I would use if I was just using the grid," Houser said.

He also produces enough energy to put some back on the grid for others to use.

They are prime examples of solar panel success that Solarize Meridian is trying to show people.

"Teach people a little bit about solar energy and hook them up with some resources that can help them get this type of thing installed on their home," is the goal Harvey said.

It's not only good for the environment, but for the buyer too.

"You can save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time," Houser said.

Solarize Meridian will have about one-hour presentations for those interested to learn more about the project.

The first one is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 11th at the Meridian Senior Center.

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