Students at Kinawa Middle School Learn Lifesaving Skills

Students at Kinawa Middle School Learn Lifesaving Skills

OKEMOS - On Monday, March 19th, Meridian Township firefighter paramedics gave a CPR demonstration to students at Kinawa Middle School.

CPR is a life saving technique. It is useful in emergencies when someone’s heart stops pumping blood around the body.

Sheree Jungwirth is a physical education teacher at Kinawa Middle School and is also an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED instructor.

This CPR demonstration is part of her First Aid and CPR exploratory class.

“The Kinawa parent group and Okemos Education Foundation were very generous. They funded the manikin and AED simulator. So we have a class set that we can work with. They sent me to the training so I could officially become a instructor. So I started that and I have a class every nine weeks. A lot of kids will be getting this. My goal is next year to put it into the physical education curriculum, so that even more students can learn this,” said Jungwirth.

Students also had the opportunity to learn different kinds of equipments the firefighter paramedics use during an emergency.

Jeff Rommeck, Meridian Township Fire Lieutenant, says the kids are doing a great job, “They know the compressions, they know why they’re doing it. And to see how we’re going everything. It was really great. It gives them an opportunity, maybe it strikes their interest to be a firefighter paramedic. A lot of people don’t how what a paramedic does. So we’re showing the science and equipment that we carry. The kids just absolutely love it.”

"We save lives," Jungwirth says. “Hopefully you will never need to use it, but the fact that you know how to save a life is empowering than itself. It’s a way in this world to do good, when we really need to see more people doing good.”

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