Tai Chi for Knee Health Workshop Came to East Lansing

Tai Chi for Knee Health Workshop Came to East Lansing

EAST LANSING - In its seventh year, Chicago Tai Chi is the leading Tai Chi program in the city of Chicago, supporting a growing community of practitioners who have adopted Tai Chi as an exercise and a practice.

They have been giving their Tai Chi for Knee Health workshop in several cities.

The workshop came to East Lansing for the first time. It was given at Edgewood United Church from March 16th to March 17th.

Chris Cinnamon is the head instructor and founder of Chicago Tai Chi.

Cinnamon said, “Medical research has shown that Tai Chi can be beneficial for those with chronic knee pain, particularly knee pain from osteoarthritis, which is a major cause in knee pain for adults over the age of 50. I have developed this simplified Tai Chi system that focuses on the movement elements in Tai Chi that are most beneficial for knees.”

His low-impact, step-by-step system is designed to help your knees feel good again.

Katie Lo, who participated in the workshop, says, “I really like it. I have not very good knees. Going downstairs in particular hurts. Tai Chi Knee Health is what this program is. He just focusing so much on your knees, bending in slow movements, thinking about you knees and finding your “sweet spot”, which is hard for me to do, but with practice, I think I will find it.”

“We’ve given this workshop multiple times in Chicago. We were in Minnesota in 2017. And now we’re expanding it regionally. East Lansing is our first Michigan stop,” Cinnamon says.

For people who didn't attend the workshop but would like to purchase an online version of the course, please visit Chicago Tai Chi's website.

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