Broadway Musical "Something Rotten" at the Wharton Center

Broadway Musical

EAST LANSING - Broadway musical "Something Rotten" is currently playing at the Wharton Center in East Lansing.

The opening night was Tuesday, March 13 and the show runs until Sunday, March 18.

The Broadway's hilarious new smash opened in April 2015 on Broadway and began a nation tour in January 2017.

With a wonderful production team, it received 10 Tony Awards nominations in 2017 including Best Musical.

The story follows a team of brother, Nick and Nigel Bottom, who are writers.

After a soothsayer learns that the future of theater will be musicals, the brothers set out to write the first musical and try to trump their biggest competitor, Shakespeare.

Actress Maggie Lakis, talks about her character in the show.

“I play Bea Bottom. That is Nick's wife. She can tell that something is up with her husband because she knows him so well. But he doesn't quite want to confide in her. He's got some private issues about providing for his family. He does not open up to her. She has to go behind his back in order to help him, because he's not letting her help him. It's just a fun character. I get this really great song, and then I get to wear some disguises. Because she is a lady, she can't get go out and get a job in that time period, so she has to be sneaky.”

Maggie's husband, Rob McClure, who is also a cast in the show, plays the main character, Nick Bottom.

Tickets are available at the Wharton Center's Ticketing Office and the Wharton Center's Official Ticketing Website.

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