Kellie's Consignments Expands to The Wooden Skate

Kellie's Consignments Expands to The Wooden Skate

OKEMOS - In February of this year, Kellie Johnson, Owner of Kellie's Consignments in Okemos, reopened the doors to the Wooden Skate, which had previously closed down in 2012.

Johnson is excited to bring the shop back to life, adding that "Kellie's Consignments is the consignment store that everybody knows about on Marsh Road, and now we have a second location at 1259 West Grand River, and it is the Wooden Skate which was a nostalgic place where people bought jewelry and antiques, and now we just added our name to it."

Meridian Township and surrounding communities knew the Wooden Skate as a seller of fine jewelry, antiques and estate goods.

While Johnson will continue to serve those markets, she's bringing a new modern style to the shop, adding "If you remember the wooden skate from before, it is a hundred percent different. We've lightened it up, brightened it up, it's not your grandma's antique store, it's vintage, it's modern, it's nifty, it's cool, it's fashion, jewelry, and home decor."

The store includes a wide and diverse selection of items, and the inventory is just going to keep growing.

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