Planning Commission Agrees to go Forth with Installation of Two Drain Pipes

Planning Commission Agrees to go Forth with Installation of Two Drain Pipes

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the February 26th Planning Commission meeting, the Commission discussed many topics including a request from the Meridian Township Public Works and Engineering Department to replace two drain structures.

The board discussed replacing those drain structures that are in the floodplain of the Pine Lake Outlet Drain adjacent to the Meridian Township Interurban Pathway located east of Okemos Road, west of Marsh Road and south of Haslett Road.

Before voting on the project, the board had to suspend a bylaw that wouldn't let planning of the project to start immediately.

The board unanimously voted to suspend that bylaw, and now plans for the two drain structures are in full effect.

Chief Engineer Younes Ishraidi requested the suspension of the bylaws and went into detail how the replacement of the drain structures would bring great benefit to the community.

Ishraidi said that the old drainage structures are beyond repair and need total replacement.

"And that's in bad shape, that's really, really bad," Ishraidi said about the old drainage structures.

The construction will temporarily shut down the Interurban Pathway for approximately two to three weeks once construction begins.

This project is set to improve the walking trails and help drainage in the area.

The current bridge in that area is getting too dangerous for residents.

The replacement of the drain structures will make it a better, safer situation for the residents who walk those trails.

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