Redi-Ride Expands Service Locations in Meridian

Redi-Ride Expands Service Locations in Meridian

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, - Redi-Ride is a curb-to-curb reservation service operated by CATA, the Capital Area Transportation Authority.

In Meridian Township, five new service locations were added to the program beginning on February 19th, 2018.

Those locations include: Costco, the MSU Clinical Center, the Meijer in Bath Township, College Fields, and, seasonally, the East Lansing Aquatic Center.

These locations were proposed by Meridian residents to the Transportation Committee.

After that was approved, it was passed by the Township Board.

"They contact CATA and say, and request, that we provide service to those five locations," said CEO of CATA, Brad Funkhouser.

Redi-Ride users, like Okemos resident, Carol Mollow, are excited for the additions.

"I'll be able to take advantage of them," she said.

Mollow goes to the MSU Clinical Center often so she said this will make it easier to get there.

For Richard Omalley, a resident of Haslett, he is looking forward to getting to these places.

"A few of them I'd really like to go to and I have to call friends and everybody to get a ride there," he said.

These locations are outside of the township, but are either on the boarder or places where residents go often.

"These are robust activities centers right on the boarder of the township, it is where people want to go," Funkhouser said.

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