High Waters on Michigan State University Campus

High Waters on Michigan State University Campus

EAST LANSING - This year, East Lansing is experiencing some of the worst flooding in over 40 years.

MSU President John Engler spoke to media on Wednesday, February 22, to address the severe flooding affecting the campus, and presented a flood barrier that was installed to help contain the hazardous waters.

The press met outside the Hannah Administration Building, and were given the chance to see the installation of a flood barrier placed between the Red Cedar River and campus buildings.

The flooding is expected to peak on Thursday, February 23rd, and return to safer levels by Wednesday, February 28th.

"We're having a flood event. I think everyone is pretty much aware of that, but for Michigan State and our campus, this is the most significant flooding since 1975. I wasn't quite a student then, i was already gone but just barely. It's a long time ago that we had this much water, and that was when the river came up to about twelve feet," said Engler.

MSU wants to remind students, faculty and visitors to stay cautious when traveling to campus throughout the week, and to avoid any unnecessary travel throughout the campus until the waters have returned to a more normal level.

Additional Resources

For more information on the campus' status, you can visit their website at msu.edu/emergency.


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