MSU Students Reaction to MSU Board of Trustees and Interim President John Engler

MSU Students Reaction to MSU Board of Trustees and Interim President John Engler

EAST LANSING - On January 31, the MSU Board of Trustees voted for former Governor John Engler as MSU Interim President.

Immediately after the vote, MSU faculty and students gathered at the Board of Trustees meeting to protest against the decision.

Students showed no confidence in their interim president.

"There needs to be a student voice in the selection of the interim and eventually permanent president. We are very distraught at the fact that the governor was chosen to be the new interim president within just the matter of a weekend. And there was absolutely no consultation with the faculty or student groups, or anything like that,” said Eli Pales, PR Manager of MSU College Democrats.

Students on campus stated that they need representatives from MSU student body and faculty when it comes to making important decisions.

"We obviously have issues with the way that MSU Board of Trustees went about making its decision process. My personal opinion is that we need to choose the way trustees are chosen. It’s the way that I feel the Trustee should be made up alongside the statewide elected officials. I do not think it should be elected by a governor, as someone has suggested. I do not trust governor Snyder to make all those recommendations and appointments,” Pales added.

They are expecting someone who is more experienced in academic leadership.

“We want open meetings to choose an interim president that’s experienced in academia, which Is something that Governor Engler is not, because he opposes the public school system. I think that’s the primary concern right now when it comes to Governor Engler’s position here in the University.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, MSU faculty and students marched on campus to demand Engler's resignation.

The protest continues as more and more students attempt to give their voice on the issue.

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