Meridian Township Board to Fine Owners of Vacant Buildings

Meridian Township Board to Fine Owners of Vacant Buildings

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you've driven on Haslett and Marsh Road lately, the vacant commercial properties are evident in Haslett Village Square. There are now empty shells where a grocery store, bank and medical clinic were once opened for business.

In Downtown Okemos at Okemos and Hamilton Roads you will see some of the same.

The Meridian Township Board, not happy with the potential eyesores approved an amendment to the Township's Code of Ordinances for the registration and security of Vacant or Abandoned Buildings.

According to the ordinance amendment, "it will protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens by preventing blight, protecting property values and neighborhood integrity, avoiding the creation and maintenance of nuisances and ensuring safe and sanitary maintenance of buildings."

The Township Board adopted the amended ordinance at their February 6th meeting with a 6-1 vote.

The fee schedule for this ordinance was also amended to include an Initial Registration Fee of $175, a Registration Renewal Fee of $100 for every year the building remains vacant or abandoned and an Inspection/Re-Inspection Fee of $75.

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