Meridian Township Board Approves Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Meridian Township Board Approves Sexual Assault Prevention Program

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the February 6th Meridian Township Board meeting, the Board voted 6-1 to approve adding a Sexual Assault Prevention Program to the 2018 Township Goals presented by Township Manager Frank Walsh. This addition comes after the announcement of three new Criminal Sexual Misconduct initiatives by Meridian Township Police Chief, Dave Hall, at the February 1st Press Conference, apologizing to Nassar Survivor, Brianne Randall-Gay.

The meeting became a little heated when Clerk Brett Dreyfus spoke passionately about Randall-Gay being named in the amendment, "it's not about her...we respect her most by not sensationalizing her name." Dreyfus went on the say he "totally" supports the amendment conducting training for sexual assault prevention, but "the name of the victim is being inappropriately used."

Walsh says, "the nation is going to watch what we do," as he spoke about the Randall-Gay case making national headlines.

The Meridian Township Police Department will be undergoing increased Criminal Sexual Conduct training which will include a video segment with Randall-Gay sharing her story. The initial training is expected to occur in March 2018.

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