Home Depot Takes on Fire Safety Awareness Month

Home Depot Takes on Fire Safety Awareness Month

OKEMOS - "Fun, great, awesome."

Words used to describe a valuable lesson, but not just any lesson, a lesson on fire safety.

"Fire safety is a big one, a lot of kids are not taught that kind of thing, so we really try to encourage that they all learn it," explained Home Depot Kids Workshop Coordinator, Rachel Prief.

Over 100 kids learned about this important topic on Saturday at Home Depot.

With October being Fire Safety month, Kids were able to get a kit and turn it into their very own firehouse bank. To save and to give, all the while learning about fire prevention and safety.

After the small aprons and fire hats were on, young participants hung out with first responders, firefighters, Smokey the Bear, and even Kaper the dog builder.

"It's fun, and for the people that like to create stuff, it's about creativity'" said workshop participant Audry.

"My favorite part about today's event was seeing the kids face light up when they saw all the fire trucks outside, and when they got to see smokey the bear, " said Prief.

And after a fun day of building, learning, and exploring. Kids were able to get a certificate and a unique pin of completion.

Prief explained the process of the workshop pins saying, "I tell the kids, make sure you save your pins. When you get to 10 pins you get a special pin, then your next special pin is at 25, 50, then 75 and 100."

Because with each pin, is a new memory, lesson, and creative activity.

"I build, and I paint" stated Noah, a young event participant.

No matter what happened the lesson they hoped to nail on the head the month of October, is fire safety and prevention.

"It teaches kids not to play with Fire," stated Savana, another workshop participant.

"One, stop drop and roll. Two, always make sure you have a safety plan in place and that you practice it with your kids," added Prief.

Home Depot host Kids Workshops the first Saturday of every month, from 9am-12pm.

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